Hottest Male Country Singers

10. Starting with the release of his 1999 album Who Needs Pictures, Paisley has recorded seven studio albums and
cheap jerseys a Christmas compilation on the Arista Nashville label, with
authentic jerseys cheap all of his albums certified gold or higher by the RIAA. Billboard Hot Country Songs
cheap oakleys chart, 16 of which have

replica oakleys wholesale reached 1 with a record 10 consecutive singles reaching the top spot on the chart. On November 10, 2010, Paisley won the Entertainer of
wholesale ray ban the Year award at the 44th annual CMA Awards. Keith Urban

Urban has released a total of nine studio albums (one of which was released only in the United Kingdom), as well as one album in The Ranch. country charts, including ten Number Ones. Urban plays acoustic and electric guitar, as well as banjo, bass guitar, mandolin, piano, sitar, bouzouki and drums. Blake Shelton

Overall, Shelton has charted seventeen singles on the country charts, including ten Number One hits: "Austin" (2001), "The Baby" (2003), "Some Beach" (2004 2005), "Home" (2008), "She Wouldn’t Be Gone" (2009), "Hillbilly Bone" (2010),

cheap oakleys outlet a duet with Trace Adkins, "All About Tonight" (2010), "Who Are You When I’m Not Looking" (2011)", "Honey Bee" (2011), and "God Gave Me You" (2011) . Additionally, three more of his singles have reached Top Ten: a cover version of Conway Twitty’s "Goodbye Time", "Nobody but Me", and "I’ll Just Hold On". Tim McGraw

McGraw has ventured into acting, with supporting roles in The Blind Side (with
wholesale discount ray ban Sandra Bullock), Friday Night Lights, The Kingdom, and Four Christmases (with Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon), and lead roles
cheap ray ban sunglasses in
cheap jerseys from china Flicka (2006) and Country Strong (2010). He was a minority owner of the Arena Football League’s Nashville Kats. Taylor Swift’s debut single, "Tim McGraw", refers to him and his song, "Can’t Tell Me Nothin’".

In acknowledgement of his grandfather’s Italian heritage, McGraw was honored by the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) in 2004, receiving the NIAF Special Achievement Award in Music during the Foundation’s
cheap oakleys Sunglasses 29th Anniversary Gala.
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5. Jake Owen

He released his third studio album, Barefoot Blue Jean Night, on August 30, 2011. Kenny Chesney

The Country Music Association honored Chesney with the Entertainer of the Year award in 2004, 2006,

fake oakleys glasses 2007, and 2008. Other notable awards include the Academy of Country Music’s 1997 New Male Vocalist of the Year, 2002 Top Male Vocalist of the Year, and the Triple Crown Award in 2005. He was awarded his fourth consecutive Entertainer of the Year award from the Academy of Country Music on May 18, 2008. Luke Bryan

Bryan released his seventh single, "Country Girl (Shake It for Me)," to country radio on March 14, 2011. It served as the lead off single to his third studio album, Tailgates Tanlines, which was released August
replica oakleys 9, 2011. The album debuted
wholesale ray ban sunglasses at number one on the Top Country Albums and number two on the Billboard 200. Tom Gossin

Brothers Tom and Mike Gossin were born in Utica, New York. They both took piano lessons from age 6, and Tom began studying
discount nfl jerseys guitar with the help of a local jazz musician. Tom, along with third Gossin brother Stephen, founded their own band "Captain Zippy" in high school. Stephen
discount ray ban online and Tom later moved to Wilmington, North Carolina together, where they attended University of North Carolina at Wilmington, with Tom majoring
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Football Fans

The Passionate fan is probably the first fan you will notice anywhere
fake oakleys you go. Why? Because they are loud. Very loud. You will almost immediately peg them as the obnoxious guy, but try not to. The fan simply cares about the team, and most are actually very friendly and fun
cheap jerseys wholesale to be around (As long as his/her team didn’t just lose). Once you manage to make friends with the Passionate fan (very easy, just talk to them about football), you can make fun of them at a moments notice. For example, I had a roommate who was a Passionate Bengals fan. Anytime he would get obnoxious, the rest of us would link him This play.

The Casual fan is high in number, but low in visibility. The Casual fan is usually just there to watch the
replica oakleys game, isn’t loud, isn’t mad or depressed, but just content. The Casual fan has better things to do with his life, this is his leasuire time. You will often find them in bars or parties near the back, sipping a drink and talking reasonably about a variety of subjects. If you have no investment in the current game, or are looking to talk about subjects other than football (You Weirdo) the Casual fan makes a great acquaintance.

The Optimist is the type of fan who used to be casual, but
wholesale discount oakleys slowly degraded into a more passionate fan, usually as a result of their team doing well the previous year. The Optimist believes in their team can do no wrong. The front office always drafts competently, the schedule is always very winnable (We are going to win the Superbowl! I can see it!) and the team is always running at full steam. The Optimist is naive. When you talk to an Optimist, you just end up
michael kors for sale shaking your head sadly because you know the Jaguars are not going to with
wholesale oakleys the South unless they have a miracle. Do yourself a favor though, and try to talk them down somewhat. The Optimist is a fragile fan, and a couple of vicious heartbreaks from cracking apart.

On the plus side, seeing that happen is hilarious. You can hear the Vikings announcer’s sanity crumble as he calls this Favre interception is
cheap oakleys the quiet fan with the intense glare. They only talk during commercial breaks. Do not let the quiet exterior fool you, the Pessimist might be more in love with the game then everyone but the Passionate fan. They just keep it bottled up in case of a loss. Pessimists go into every game convinced their team has already lost, and
cheap christian louboutin will only become animated and happy during a blowout or an absolute victory.
wholesale ray ban The closer the game is, the more intsense the Pessimist is. However, if you get enough booze in them early, they will loosen up and stop taking everything so seriously.

The Stat Nerd

The Stat Nerd is smarter than you, and he loves making sure you know. But as annoying as the Stat nerd can be, you’d be best to listen to him, because The Stat nerd watches the game on a different level

cheap ray bans than you. They see things in terms of numbers, and do not rely on anything ESPN says. ESPN says Tony Romo isn’t that great? The Stat Nerd will show you why you are wrong (and you are, Tony Romo is a great QB, and Clutch is just an analyst buzzword). Listening to the Stat Nerd explain things is often very insightful and can give you a greater understanding of the underlying chess game that is Football. But in their desire to understand the math, they often miss the context.

Football is a team sport, a game of millions of variables. No statistic made can take every single factor into account. Say a Running Back gets 15 yards up the gut. That’s a good play. But maybe the offensive line is really good. Maybe the Defensive line is horrible,
discount oakleys Sunglasses and a linebacker wiffed on a tackle.

fake ray bans sunglasses Maybe it was play action, and they sold the fake well. What about what down it was? What about the position on the field at the time of the run? What about what time in the game it was? Maybe it was a garbage time run and the defense was in the Prevent formation. The RB gets 15 yards to his stat total, but so much went into that single play that no statistic can take this all into account. But don’t try and tell a
michael kors outlet Stat Nerd that.

The Jaded Fan

The Jaded fan is what happens after years of terrible play and heartbreak. This fan used to love football. They still do, but they aren’t sure why. They come back game after game, year after year, telling themselves they should just sever the relationship. But they can’t. Because maybe this is the year it happens, and they’d never forgive themselves. The Jaded fan is a pessimist with just enough hope every year to cope with the awfulness of their team. Some even revel in it. You can often find Pessimists at the bar, by themselves, drinking hard liquor. Do not try to cheer them up. You don’t understand their heartbreak.

The Clueless Significant Other

The Clueless SO is stereotypically a girlfriend or wife, but they come in all sexes and types. Sometimes they are just friends as well. You often see them with their beaus in social gathering wearing the same team jersey as their SO. The jersey is often not even theirs,
fake ray ban but their SO’s. But the end result is the same: they don’t understand the game at
cheap michael kors outlet all, and they ask a lot of questions. I hope you have patience, because they can be taught. Start slow, with the most basic rules and positions, as watch them slowly get it. I managed to turn my girlfriend from this into a casual fan in a little over a year, so do not fret, it is possible.

An eager girlfriend/boyfriend is an easy turn. But an indifferent spouse is more difficult. You can do the one thing that I’ve always seen work: Sell Football as a primetime drama TV show. Football and television were made for each other. There are so many stories, so many underdogs, so much drama laced into every game, and the show will never be canceled.

The Fantasy Football Player

The Fantasy Football fan doesn’t care about his team. Maybe because he roots for a bad one, or maybe because he was never too into a particular team. Whatever the case is, this fan spends gameday staring at their phone. You will hear them yell obscenities and celebrations during commercial breaks, only to find out they are celebrating MJD getting them some extra points against his opponent. They do not root for teams, they root for players. They often love to tell you who they started and benched that week, and who they drafted that they are so proud of. Nobody cares who they drafted, but good luck getting
fake oakleys them to accept this. The Fantasy Fan wants to feel smart, like he knows the game, and often poses as a Stat Nerd but does not have the knowledge
cheap oakleys Sunglasses to actually be a stat nerd.

wholesale fake oakleys Bandwagon Fan

The Bandwagon Fan, sometimes known as the Fair Weather fan, is the worst fan in the world. High in number, high in attitude, high in volume, utterly basement levels of knowledge. The Bandwagon fan is the fan everyone else hates.

The Bandwagon fan knows nothing about the game. If a reciever drops a ball, The Bandwagoner screams that the refs should call interference. If a flag is thrown on his team, the Bandwagon fan will call bullshit and blame the refs, even on a blatant facemask. The Bandwagoner will yell at players who aren’t even on the team anymore. The Bandwagoner will trash talk you and your team, spouting whatever EPSN said on Sportscenter. If his team beats your team, you will hear about it for weeks. If your team beats his team, the Bandwagoner will dissapear, become quiet, and never talk about football until the next game. They will also call you a nutjob if you call them on this. They only care if their team wins.

When you don’t even know your own team’s Quarterback you are a brown underpants stain on fandom everywhere.

The "Real Football" fan

This is not a normal soccer fan. Soccer is a fine sport, and have plenty of fine fans. The "Real Football" fan is one of those douches who became a fan of soccer just so they can smugly throw it in your face that Football is really "American Football, and you are wrong". If you live in America, don’t say "Real Football" when you know that in the USA, it’s SOCCER. You may be right, American
fake oakley sunglasses Football has little to do with feet most of the time and Soccer is foot based, but that’s not why you said it. You said it to be a smug jerk to a Football fan. THIS IS AMERICA, MAN. Football means FOOTBALL. Touchdowns. Interceptions. Two Minute Warnings. Punishing drives and high scoring offenses. Names like "COWBOYS" and "GIANTS", instead of weird names like "Manchester United". That’s not a team name,
cheap fake oakleys sales that’s a sentence fragment. Stop acting like your are better than me just because you like a different sport.

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NFL London franchise could be ‘worth more than

A Z Sports American Football Athletics BodyPositive Boxing Cricket Cycling Disability Sport Football Formula 1 Gaelic Games Get
replica christian louboutin Inspired Golf Horse Racing Motorsport Olympic Sports Rugby League Rugby Union Snooker Swimming Tennis Winter Sports Full Sports A Z

Events Euro 2016 Rio 2016

Around the UK England Scotland Wales Northern Ireland

Programmes Match of the Day 5 Live Sport Sports Personality Sport on the BBC All Programmes

American Football TablesTables American Football Home

But the real goal is a full

fake cheap oakleys time London team by 2022, which would mean at least eight
cheap christian louboutin games a season, bringing in according to Deloitte.

The report was launched by Sajid Javid, the
wholesale ray ban Secretary of State for
cheap ray ban outlet Culture, Media and Sport, and comes a week after Chancellor George Osborne said he would do everything he could to relocate a
red bottoms shoes team to London permanently.

This support is likely to include the type of tax breaks that have been offered to major sporting occasions such as London 2012, the 2014 Commonwealths and next year’s Rugby World Cup, but not to one off athletics, golf and tennis events.

With rates of income tax lower in the US than
wholesale jerseys in the UK, the lack of such a deal for a London team would cause problems for the league and its relationship with the National Football League Players’ Association.

William ‘The Fridge’ Perry was a star attraction of the London Monarchs who folded in 1998 after a previous attempt to export American
fake ray ban sunglasses footballThe NFL operates under a collective bargaining agreement between the team owners and the players which limits the total amount each team is able to spend, but also sets minimum salaries based on each player’s time in the league.

The agreement, effectively a
cheap oakleys revenue sharing deal, also restricts a player’s contractual freedom, which could result in problems with European Union employment law.

The BBC understands NFL bosses have started negotiations with the European Commission for
cheap nhl jerseys an exemption, and not just
discount oakleys online for one team if a London franchise was to

fake ray bans get off the ground, the NFL would look at expanding elsewhere, with
nba jerseys Germany the most likely next venue.

Wembley staged its first International Series game in 2007 and hosted single games every year until 2013, when two games took place.

With seven of those eight contests being sell outs, the decision was taken to expand the series to three games this year and next.

"The NFL games at Wembley have been a huge success showing that there is a big, growing fan base for the sport in the UK," said Javid. "If the NFL decide that the time is right to base a team overseas, London and the UK will welcome it with open arms."

The Detroit Lions beat the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday
wholesale discount oakleys and the Dallas Cowboys, one of the sport’s
wholesale oakleys most iconic names, play the Jacksonville Jaguars on 9 November.

This means 17 of the NFL’s 32 teams will have played at Wembley by next month, with clubs
cheap oakleys outlet being given bye weeks to recover from the time difference, although these measures
discount oakleys would not be possible for a London team in the current 17 week regular season.

But with the Football Association also very keen on having American tenants at Wembley, the chance of a annual windfall for the UK
cheap nfl jerseys economy and no sign of the novelty wearing off for British NFL fans, the case for a London franchise could prove irresistible.

NFL at Wembley2007:
wholesale sale oakleys New York Giants 13 10 Miami Dolphins (Attendance: 81,176)2013: Pittsburgh Steelers 27 34 Minnesota Vikings (83,518)2008: San Diego Chargers 32 37 New Orleans Saints 83,226)2013: San Francisco 49ers 42 10 Jacksonville Jaguars (83,559)2009: New
wholesale oakleys outlet England Patriots 35 7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (84,254)2014: Miami Dolphins 38 14 Oakland Raiders (83,436)2010: Denver Broncos 16 24 San Francisco 49ers (84,254)2014: Atlanta Falcons 21 22 Detroit Lions (83,532)2011: Chicago Bears 24 18 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (76,981)2014: 9 November Jacksonville Jaguars v Dallas Cowboys2012: New England Patriots 45 7 St Louis Rams (84,004)

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Weekends with Alex Witt

Latest dayside videoIraqi security clears Ramadi neighborhoodIn this video obtained by MSNBC from an
cheap fake oakley sunglasses anti ISIS tribal fighter in Iraq, Iraqi security forces purportedly clear a schoolhouse inside the Tameem neighborhood in
wholesale ray ban sunglasses Ramadi
cheap jerseys store on Dec. 8th. The
michael kors store Iraqi government
wholesale discount oakleys announced that day that the neighborhood had been won back from ISIS. This video was
discount oakleys edited for length by MSNBC. border patrolLatest headlinesTenn.

wholesale fake oakleys killed in
cheap fake ray ban sales Tenn. crash; pilot avoided building

Olympic construction leaves Sochi residents
fake cheap oakleys in the cold

2013 a record year for exonerations of prisoners

Avalanche choked

cheap oakleys sale road into Alaska town to reopen

‘Apologetic bandit’ suspect caught after 10 heists

Afghans tune into first
fake ray bans televised presidential debate

Outcry over the fate of

fake oakleys Sochi’s stray dogs

Palestinians marry, but remain
replica ray bans separated by borders

VA backlog again
fake oakleys Sunglasses gnarled in red tape, report
oakley sunglasses sales findsNightly
cheap ray ban sunglasses NewsSources: Hoffman Withdrew $1200 Prior to His DeathNightly News

Latest headlinesSutherland admits he’s ‘nervous’ about new ’24’Kiefer Sutherland returns this spring
discount ray ban online as "24’s" Jack Bauer, but
michael kors bags sale says he’s a bit concerned about starting up the
discount oakleys online show, which had been off
oakleys sunglasses the air for a few years, again.

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Madden NFL 10 Tips For Offense and Defense

cheap ray bans
cheap oakleys Sunglasses today I just want to take a moment and discuss some tips for both the offense and defense on Madden NFL 10. These are probably gonna be too generic for the hardcore gamers
wholesale oakleys but will
red bottoms shoes come in handy for beginners to this popular gaming series. There is enough details out there to
nfl jerseys write an entire book about the subject but we will focus on some basics here in this article.

So we are gonna jump right into some things that can be done on offense in order to put points on the board while playing Madden NFL 10. I recommend always using a
discount ray ban online quarterback with some mobility when playing against human opponents online because this helps so much against users that make a reputation beating people
cheap oakleys with defense. Always make sure and keep your
cheap ray ban sunglasses opponent guessing but make good use of matchups and audibles to throw
fake oakleys some different variations out there to use as an advantage.

When you go on defense
fake oakleys make sure and protect against the deep ball because a ton of
discount oakleys online
fake oakleys people love the long pass on Madden NFL 10. The

cheap oakleys goal is to force the opponent have to dink and dunk all the way down the field increasing the chance to get a stop on third down or cause a turnover. Always remember to look out for repeated

cheap ray bans patterns used on offense by the other player.

As I
fake oakleys Sunglasses said there is so much to be discussed

replica oakleys about the offense and defense on Madden NFL 10 that we can go on for days talking about the basics and then the more advanced techniques. The guide below has
cheap fake ray ban sales over 4 page of information about the offensive side
fake oakleys of the ball
fake cheap oakleys like which plays and formations work best against

fake cheap oakleys certain packages and teams.

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How to Find Discount NFL Jerseys

Shop at Champs during the NFL regular season. Numerous times during the fall, Champs will offer discounts on all NFL jerseys they sell. Sometimes,
fake cheap oakleys you can save $30 on jerseys. Another common
cheap oakleys sale you’ll find at Champs is two NFL jerseys for $100. This can save you almost $50 on your purchase.

Search for discount NFL Jerseys on SportsK. Click the link on the left side of the home page.
fake ray ban On the next Web page, you will find

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cheap oakleys for sale one of these links to shop for discount NFL jerseys by category. Shopping on SportsK will save you up to $15 to $30 dollars on NFL jerseys.

cheap jerseys for NFL Jerseys at a discount department store. TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are two stores which sell NFL Jerseys for much cheaper
cheap jerseys than sporting goods stores. You will
fake cheap oakleys find these items in the men’s department.

discount NFL Jerseys from Modell’s. Modell’s offers
NFL jerseys from each team for under $50 dollars. You can even find replica NFL jerseys for around $70 dollars, which is much cheaper than what you’ll find in most stores. To
replica oakleys shop online, click the Zone tab at the top of the home page.

fake cheap oakleys On the next page, click
cheap jerseys the Shop Now tab. You will then be redirected to a Web page with links for every NFL team. Select a link to shop for jerseys from that particular team.

Save money
cheap fake ray ban sales on replica NFL jerseys by
wholesale oakleys shopping
cheap oakleys on
cheap oakleys Team Store. Team Store have discounts on each NFL jersey they sell. To begin shopping, click the

discount oakleys online link underneath the SHOPS heading
wholesale jerseys on the left side of
fake ray bans the page. On the next page, click on one of the teams on the left side to shop for NFL jerseys by team.

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cards against humanity price? 376

two different outcomes of cigarette smoke condensate

Apoptosis and necrosis: two different outcomes of cigarette smoke condensate induced endothelial cell death

B Messner1,
stores that carry cards against humanity, S Frotschnig2, A Steinacher Nigisch1, B Winter1, E Eichmair1, J Gebetsberger2,3, S Schwaiger4, C Ploner5, G Laufer1 and D Bernhard1Received 16 July 2012; Revised 28 August 2012; Accepted 4 September 2012

Edited by A Stephanou

Top of pageAbstractCigarette smoking is one of the most important and preventable risk factors for atherosclerosis. However, because of the complex composition of cigarette smoke, the detailed pathophysiological mechanisms are not fully understood. Based on controversial reports on the pro atherogenic activity of cigarette smoke condensate, also called tar fraction (CSC), we decided to analyse the effects of CSC on the viability of endothelial cells in vitro. The results of this study show that low concentrations of the hydrophobic tar fraction induces DNA damage resulting in a P53 dependent and BCL XL inhibitable death cascade. Western blot analyses showed that this cascade is caspase independent and immunofluorescence analysis have shown that the apoptotic death signalling is mediated by the release of apoptosis inducing factor. Higher CSC concentrations also induce apoptotic like signalling but the signalling cascade is then redirected to necrosis. Despite the fact that CSC induces a profound increase in cellular reactive oxygen species production, antioxidants exhibit only a minimal cell death protective effect. Our data indicates that not only hydrophilic constituents of cigarette smoke extract, but also CSC is harmful to endothelial cells. The mode and the outcome of CSC induced cell death signalling are highly concentration dependent: lower concentrations induce caspase independent apoptosis like cell death,
game cards against humanity, whereas incubation with higher concentrations interrupts apoptotic signalling and induces necrosis.

It is generally accepted that atherosclerosis is a multifactorial disease and many atherogenic processes lead to similar patho biological effects. However, of these effects, endothelial cell death (and therefore endothelial dysfunction) takes a central role in atherogenesis.7, 8 At the same time, the loss of endothelial cells has not only direct functional effects, but it is also crucial, which form of cell death is induced. Generally, cell death could be classified into two forms: apoptosis, also known as cell death and necrosis described as uncontrolled and accidental form of cell death.9, 10 Apoptosis is an energy dependent process characterised by cell shrinkage, nuclear condensation and fragmentation, as well as cellular fragmentation into the so called apoptotic bodies, which are removed by phagocytic cells. In contrast, anti apoptotic proteins of the Bcl 2 family (like BCl Xl) can inhibit mitochondrial membrane permeabilisation.17, 18 During mitochondrial membrane permeabilisation, two major groups of pro apoptotic proteins are released from the mitochondrial intermembrane space, determining the further signalling pathway.12, 19 Release of cytochrome c mediates the activation of a well known group of proteases, the caspases. Caspases are a group of cysteine proteases, which are divided into initiator and effector caspases. Among them, one of the crucial effector proteins is apoptosis inducing factor (AIF).12 In the course of caspase independent apoptotic signalling, AIF translocates into the nucleus where it induces chromatin condensation and the formation of large chromatin fragments, but the detailed mechanism remains unclear until now.22, 23

Over the last few years,
cards with humanity, two other types of programmed cell death were revealed: programmed necrosis and autophagy. The existence of a programmed necrosis is still controversially discussed as this form of cell death could only be demonstrated when apoptosis is inhibited.9, 11 Zong et al.24 demonstrated that DNA damage actively initiates a programmed form of necrosis, which is independent of well known apoptotic induction proteins like p53, Bax, Bak and caspases.

Also the classification of autophagy as an autonomous cell death mechanism is controversial.11 So far, autophagy is established as a survival mechanism of cells under nutrient deprivation by degradation and recycling of cellular components. Autophagic degradation of intracellular structures and organelles is induced by the formation of double membrane vesicles (autophagosomes) and the hydrolytic degradation of cellular structures after fusion with lysosomes (autolysosomes).25 One prominent marker to study autophagy is LC3 (microtubule associated protein light chain 3): conversion of LC3 I (cytoplasmatic form) to LC3 II (autophagosome specific form) is an indicator for the induction of autophagy.26

Based on different in vitro and in vivo studies, the hydrophilic fraction of cigarette smoke is well known to contain pro atherogenic compounds. Small hydrophilic components were shown to reach the circulation through the alveoli where they promote endothelial stress.27, 28 The resulting endothelial dysfunction as one of the first and critical steps in atherogenesis is caused by CSE induced endothelial cell contraction,27 the release of pro inflammatory cytokines,27 catalalysation of oxidative reactions,29 the increased expression of adhesion molecules30 and finally the induction of endothelial cell death (resulting in endothelial denudation).31, 32, 33

Conflicting and a sparse number of data exist on the atherosclerosis causing potential of the hydrophobic fraction. Penn et al.34 stated that intramuscularly injection of concentrated cigarette tar does not promote atherosclerotic plaque formation in cockerels. Indeed, studies investigating the effect of CSC in vivo are rare. However, various in vitro experiments revealed CSC induced cellular atherogenic alterations in endothelial cells as for instance: (a) genotoxic effects,35 (b) alteration in the cytokine expression,36 (c) upregulation of genes involved in matrix degradation,37 (d) CSC induced adherence of monocytes to the endothelial cell monolayer,38 (e) CSC induced surface expression of adhesion molecules on endothelial cells and transendothelial migration of monocytes39 and (f) decreased migration ability of endothelial cells in vitro.40 All the mentioned processes are well known to be involved in atherogenesis initiation and may contribute to vascular dysfunction and the atherogenic process in vivo. However, only few data are published addressing the mode and signalling pathway of CSC induced endothelial cell death in detail.

Top of pageResultsCSC inhibits the proliferation and induces cell death in human umbilical vein endothelial cellsTo examine the potential toxic effects of CSC on endothelial cells, we performed in vitro viability assays and tested for the induction of cell death by CSC. Based on the fact that the XTT assay cannot differentiate between the inhibition of proliferation and the induction of cell death, we also directly tested for the induction of cell death by annexin V iodide staining by FACS analysis. Figure 1b shows that CSC leads to an increase in the number of apoptotic and to a much lesser extent to an increase in necrotic cells. Another indicator of cell toxicity is the release of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) through porous membranes. The contradictory observations between annexin V iodide staining and LDH assay was further explained by analysing the amount of DNA in treated cells. Mean values of a representative experiment performed in quadruplicates are shown. (b) FACS analysis of CSC induced cell death. Mean values of a representative experiment performed in triplicates (annexin V staining) or quadruplicates (XTT assay and LDH assay) are shown. (d) Shows images of scanning electron microscopic analysis of control and CSC treated endothelial cells (arrow: necrotic cell; star: apoptotic cell). Representative images are shown. The DNA content was analysed by FACS analysis. It is already known that DNA damage leads to the stabilisation of the tumour suppressor P53, and its activation, leading to pro apoptotic signalling in affected cells. The involvement of P53 in CSC induced cell death cascade was studied by western blot analyses. The massive P53 protein degradation observed may be caused by necrosis associated proteolytic processes. In conclusion, lower CSC concentrations activate the typical P53 dependent apoptotic death signalling pathway resulting in mitochondrial membrane depolarisation. (a) Shows data from a DNA damage analysis by the comet assay. Percent comet positive cells compared with the control are shown. Representative blots are shown. Data in (c) shows JC 1 based FACS analysis of intracellular mitochondrial membrane potential after CSC treatment for 2, 6, 12 and 24 Mean values of a representative experiment performed in triplicates (JC 1 staining) or quadruplicates (Comet assay) are shown. (d) Shows western blot analysis of caspase 3 in CSC treated endothelial cells. Representative blots are shown. Mean values are shown.

As P53 activated death signalling is known to be mediated through caspase activation,
which cards against humanity expansion is best, we performed western blot analysis of caspase 3, an important effector caspase. Endothelial cells were incubated with or without ursolic acid (UA) to obtain cytosolic extracts with active caspase 3. These extracts were then incubated with or without CSC and caspase activity was analysed.

Involvement of P53, BCL XL, AIF and autophagy in CSC induced cell death: differences between lower and high CSC concentrationsTo further analyse the involvement of P53 and the anti apoptotic mitochondrial protein BCL XL in CSC induced cell death, we infected endothelial cells with retroviruses containing a P53 shRNA vector and as P53 activated death signalling is known to be mediated through pro apoptotic BCL 2 family members we generated human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) overexpressing the anti apoptotic protein BCL XL. Figure 3a shows that the knock down of P53 significantly inhibited CSC induced cell death at low and high concentrations. (a) Shows the result of annexin V iodide staining and FACS analysis of CSC treated P53 knock down and BCL XL overexpressing cells. (b) Shows also immunofluorescence pictures of endothelial cells (controls and CSC incubated cells) incubated with an isotype control (negative control; cells stained with FITC rabbit anti human IgG isotype). (c) FACS based analysis of lysosomal integrity. (d) Shows western blot analysis of LC 3 (autophagy marker). Mean values are shown. MFI fluorescence intensity

Full figure and legend (406K)

To analyse the caspase independent cell death signal downstream of the mitochondria, we performed immunofluorescence based analysis of CSC incubated endothelial cells with anti AIF antibody. In addition, we also tested for autophagic signalling in CSC treated endothelial cells as the lysosomes are central organelles in autophagic signalling. Therefore, we assessed the ratio of LC3 II per LC3 I. To further analyse the involvement of autophagy in CSC induced cell death, we incubated endothelial cells with 3 methyladenine (3 MA) and analysed CSC induced cell death. FACS based analyses showed that inhibition of autophagosome formation by 3 MA was not able to inhibit CSC induced cell death.

Cigarette smoke induced oxidative stress is partially preventable by antioxidantsTo test for the potential occurrence of oxidative stress, we performed DHR 123 based analyses of oxidative stress. To do so, endothelial cells were incubated with different CSC concentrations as well as 1 H2O2 for 24 (since H2O2 is a potent inducer of oxidative stress this incubation serves as positive control). In order to test for a potential ROS preventive effect of antioxidants (vitamin E, vitamin C and N acetyl cysteine (NAC)), we pre incubated endothelial cells with antioxidants and performed DHR 123 based analysis. Figure 4a shows that none of the above antioxidants was capable of preventing CSC induced ROS formation in endothelial cells. In addition, FACS based analyses of cell death revealed that neither vitamin C nor NAC were able to inhibit CSC induced reduction in endothelial cell viability (Figure 4b).

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Road cameras ‘pose privacy threat’ From The Argus,
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There is a “very real risk” that members of the public are having their privacy impacted upon by the network of roadside surveillance in the UK,
where can you get cards against humanity, the Government’s new Surveillance Camera Commissioner has warned.

Tony Porter said it was “crucial” that police officers be given clear guidance on using roadside automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras, which line Britain’s streets.

He told the Independent: “There is a very real risk that if systems aren’t adhered to innocent members of the public could be put at risk of having their privacy impacted upon.

“I can see the value of understanding how many ANPR cameras there are. There are other concerns that have been expressed ,
cards against humanity card game. the large data grab of information and the period of retention of that information.”

“I think there has to be very clear guidance to officers about the way in which ANPR is used and once it has been used, ensuring that data is removed or at least is updated to that effect. I think that’s crucial.”

The former North West Counter Terrorism Unit commander, who was named as the new Surveillance Camera Commissioner in February,
cards against humanity in stores, also spoke of the issue of the growing number of people who set up surveillance equipment outside their homes, which is not regulated.

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The Wire star gets Ibiza radio show on Capital FM

Is there actually anything that Idris Elba can do,
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As if a string of hit TV shows, making it in Hollywood and a couple of Golden Globes wasn enough the actor/singer/producer/all round demi god has gone and bagged himself asummer residencyas a radio DJ for Capital FM in Ibiza.

It comes just after Idris disappointed hoards of fans by cancelling his set at Glasto,
cards against humanity mobile, but an entire summer of that silky smooth voice more than makes up for it.

Speaking to Capital FM, he said: can’t believe I gonna be bringing my show from one of the greatest places on earth,
online cards against humanity, Ibiza,
cards against humanity review?, over to the UK.

in across the summer on Capital to party with me. heck, yes we be tuning in.

His show Idris Elba Presents 7 Wallace is the latest addition to the weekend line up and airs Fridays from midnight.

Elbais also in the running to win big at this year Emmy as he goes up against pals Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

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